My work is inspired by the traditional fiber arts of quilting, weaving, knitting, and embroidery. I also have an unrestrained love of color and the joy it brings. Each painting begins with shapes and layers of transparent watercolor and no real plan, as I like to let the painting evolve as I work. During the final phase of the piece, I sew threads onto the paper to give energy and life to the patterns and shapes. I aspire to create art that makes the viewer feel happy.
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Series comes in 3 sizes, all are watercolor with fiber. Mouse over image for image size and pricing details.
Pricing includes a double-ply mat, conservation clear acrylic, and matte black metal frame. 
Pieces also available unframed, contact me for pricing information. 
For any questions, please contact me: 

Large Paintings 16x20

Medium Paintings 14x16

Small Paintings 11x14